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02 December 2006 @ 12:57 pm
Community Colleges  
Hi everyone! My name is Dana and I am writing a paper on why community colleges are good for the community. I have a few questions to ask. Both current and former community college students are invited to answer. You can either post back here or e-mail me at dtamsbary@gmail.com. Thanks in advanced!

1. What is your name (first and last, please)?
1. What community college did you attend?
2. Were your classes small? How big was your largest class?
3. Did you feel that your professors were accessible? Were they willing to help you if you were having difficulty?
4. Did you feel prepared when you entered a four-year college or university? What our-year college or university did you attend after community college?
5. Do you think community colleges are good for the community?
6. Did you feel that the professors that taught you at community college were qualified?
7. What was your initial reason for attending community college?